About us

We, that's Volker and Heide, live on a former farm on the edge of the Sauerland, with a plot of land of about 8000 square metres. Surrounding us are fields and paths, which are very handy for nice long walks. We fenced a meadow close to us, the size of about 7000 square metres so that our dogs can run and play on it anytime and without restrictions. Of course our dogs count as family members and are allowed in the house, but they have the opportunity to use that bit of land whenever they want. Keeping our dogs in kennels is not something we agree with at all.

scan-g-wurf-06.jpgOur flowerbed unfortunately does not exist anymore- the dogs have quite a different idea from me when it comes to gardening, and decided to redesign our garden to their liking. Flowers look much better without their blossoms anyway! Sometimes to cheer me up they would dig up the freshly planted flowers from the nightScan-Onoir-19970817.jpg before and lay them out as a carpet in the flat. My telling off would fall on deaf ears and with them looking at me with their big puppy dog eyes, I couldn't possibly stay mad for long. People who dream of having a perfect english garden should not own wolfhounds. It never ceases to amaze the craters a wolfhound can dig in what seems like no time at all, and with such enthusiasm too! If anything our garden could possibly be used as a golfcourse.

DSC_0283.JPGDespite their size Irish Wolfhounds are much quieter than smaller dogs.

Our dogs are always asleep, and most of the time totally in my way.

They only wake up when it's feeding time, or they're getting treats, and they get especially excited when it's cheese or liver sausage. Although IW's hardly ever bark, I know exactly when we've got visitors coming as our dogs make sure to give them a loud welcome. And if the greeting is especially boisterous, it has happened that one lands on ones backside, and consequently receives even more kisses from the Irish Wolfhounds.

M-Wurf-19950911-1.jpgI've also stopped wearing designer labels. Irish Wolfhounds have the tendency to stick their big noses into the waterbowl and then wipe all the excess water off on your trousers.

We leave no food on the countertops in the kitchen anymore, as it's ideal height for the Irish Wolfhounds to help themselves. Some dog owners proudly proclaim that their dogs don't do that but I have to admit that mine do.

One more thing, you should never underestimate the temper of a young IW, as he is yet unable to know his own strenght.

If you're still convinced that the Irish Wolfhound is the dog for you, just remember once you've had one you'll be hooked.

Or at least that's what happened to us. We can't imagine live without these gentle giants anymore.

Come on and visit us, get to know this breed and see how it is to live with such big dogs. You can't describe it, it's something you have to see for yourself.