Our pack

Zoltan of Lough Ree
(20.05.2004 - 11.07.2010)


Zoltan was Volker’s pride and joy. He was always there, in the office, when hiking or when visiting Scotland or Ireland.
When Zoltan joined our pack at 2 1/2 years, he had to learn the hard way that Volker distributed his affections equally to everyone. After a short time he became the centre of attention as the only male. Despite him being the only male, the bitches did not take him seriously on many occasions when he declared his opinion in a rather loud manner. There were times where I could have killed him. Constant barking! After all the others had stopped, he would still be barking vehemently. When I would start telling him off, he would give me puppy eyes, and I just couldn’t stay mad at him. Otherwise he was a lovely dog, and got on with everyone. Another thing that was typical of Zoltan: When one of the bitches had babies, everyone stood behind the dog guard, very excited. I would always show them the first baby. You should have seen Zoltan then. His face spoke volumes: Not puppies again! And he would vanish for the foreseeable future. The only time this didn’t happen was with our G-litter! I wanted to weigh Gormán, when suddenly Zoltan appeared at the dog guard, whimpering. I showed him the baby, he licked it lovingly and then vanished again. We just had to keep this one!
A guest dog unintentionally introduced kennel cough into the pack. Zoltan got it the worst, despite being vaccinated. He developed pneumonia with a high fever.
We fought two weeks for his life!
We lost.

Béibhinn of Lough Ree
(29.03.2005 - 29.01.2015)


Béibhinn is my birthday gift. She was the firstborn, and came into the world 15 minutes after midnight on my birthday. She is my little princess! She is also head of the pack. And she does this with confidence. She is how an IW should be: gentle, kind, balanced and with a lot of charisma. When she gives Volker puppy eyes, he just melts. She wraps everyone around her little finger. And then her tail turns into a propeller, so that you would think she would take off at any moment.
Béibhinn has had two litters, and that’s enough. She can now spend the rest of her life on the couch. In August 2012 she had another cardiac ultrasound and she is still healthy.

Cause of death: sudden heart death

Classic White Lady of Lough Ree
(09.10.2005 - 08.12.2016)

Classic White Lady of Lough Ree

We got Lady back at almost 6 years of age due to divorce. She has settled in very well with us. However, it is very tiring for her in the large pack, so we tend to keep her in the kitchen/ litter area. And since we often have bitches in season, she always has somebody to play with; something she still loves doing despite her age.

And whenever we have puppies she revives; she becomes young again, jumps around the puppies and tries to play with them.

Cause of death: weakness in the hindquarters

Éabha of Lough Ree
(01.04.2007 - 04.10.2015)


Éabha is a very friendly dog who is always in a good mood. When she gets excited and comes your way, her tail starts waggling along with her butt. This had led to her nickname ‘waggle waggle’. Only when she has her crazy five minutes, you’re best to get out of her way, as you run the danger of getting knocked over. She can also be quite stubborn. She very much likes to go on walks. But when she feels like she’s had enough she’ll just turn on her heels and go. It’s impossible to persuade her of anything else, because it is then that you realise how strong IW’s really are!

Cause of death: splenic tumour

Forbflaith of Lough Ree
(23.01.2008 - 25.10.2016)


Volker chose Forbflaith, and it shows. She loves him dearly. Whenever he sits down somewhere, she immediately thinks she has to climb on his lap. Mainly, of course when we’re eating, thinking she’ll be able to steal something off of the table. I do have to speak up when that happens.
Otherwise she is a lovely and friendly bitch. Although she has a lot of temperament, showing that she is three quarters of Irish descend.

Cause of death: pneumonia

Clocan Sweet Dreams
(17.03.2008 - 13.08.2017)


Sara is our Irish bundle of energy. We brought her back with us with 6 months from our Ireland vacation with John and Kathleen Kelly (Nutstown-Kennel). When we selected her there we was already running around like a flibbertigibbet. Kathleen’s comment: ‘a very friendly puppy’. I did not realise that an IW can have so much temper. It’s impossible to tire her out. She loves everyone, whether man or animal. And she is constantly on the go to meet and greet everyone. And she jumps! When we get visitors, she will jump up on you, if you’re not careful- paws up on your shoulders and then just smooching. No one minds though and everyone ends up wanting to take her home. Now, we can tell in her eyes if she is up to no good. Although Sara has such temperament, she is very careful and takes loving care of her puppies.
One more thing- she loves riding in the car! When she spots an open car door (even stranger’s cars) she will sit in it. And she will not get out until we’ve gone around the block at least once with her.

Cause of death: pyometra

Gordon of Lough Ree
(19.05.2009 - 01.05.2019)


Gordon is the unlucky one of the bunch. He had a bad accident at 7 weeks of age. He had to go to the vets twice, and needed surgery. Despite all this, he has become a friendly, happy dog.
He loves dragging branches into the house, the bigger, the better. I don’t think we’ll ever understand how we manages to drag half a tree trunk through the doors.
Gordon was actually picked by people early on, and they were going to take him despite his handicaps. But this kind of dog stays with us, as it’s impossible to tell whether complications could develop later on.

Cause of death: weakness in the hindquarters

Gormán of Lough Ree
(19.05.2009 - 09.05.2017)


As Gormán had been chosen by Zoltan, naturally he stayed with us. He is a very nice, friendly dog. Him and his brother Gordon get along well and play together a lot. Gormán likes to play on his own just as much though, and likes to push the ball away, then chases after it, grabs it and has a lot of fun when the ball makes the squeaky noise. Also just throwing a stick in the air for him to find will keep him occupied. He’s got this from his granddad Onoir, who was actively playful into old age.

Cause of death: splenic tumour

Inghean Sara of Lough Ree
(30.12.2011 - 20.12.2019)

Inghean (22.04.2017)

Inghean is so much like her mum, Sara. When we look at her, it’s like looking at Sara. They have the same eyes! And she has the same temperament. It’s never too wild for her, especially when she’s playing with her mum. When we do have to raise our voices, it will be quiet for a moment. But who’s the first one to start up again? Of course Inghean!
She is also a a very cuddly dog. She’ll sit on our feet, so that we won’t run away, and gives us the look, until we pet her.
She did inherit something from her mum: the driving! If you would please drive me around the block once, before we go for a walk.

Cause of death: kidney failure

Joyce of Lough Ree
(05.01.2012 - 08.06.2018)

Joyce (02.02.2014)

For that reason we selected Joyce as our new breeding bitch. However, she has a lot of temperament. Her favourite past time is jumping up on things to check if there’s anything for her to steal!
She is a very promising young bitch. In her first shows were twice in the puppy class with a lot of competition. And she won both times.
Recently we showed her twice in the intermediate class and she got a V1 both times. We hope that she keeps developing positively.
So far we’re not regretting keeping her.

Cause of death: tumour

Jarah of Lough Ree
(05.01.2012 - 21.06.2018)

Jarah (02.02.2014)

Jarah was actually meant to be sold. But as soon as people came, she just vanished. She only came out again when the visitors had left. And when we did catch her, she behaved so badly that nobody was interested anyway. She just wanted to stay here! After she convinced us, we had the nicest dog. We’re not mad at her either. It is lovely to see how great she plays with her sister Joyce.
Also she inherited her mother’s beautiful character.
In her first show in junior class she got the ‘JugendBOB’.

Cause of death: pyometra

Kiearah of Lough Ree
(12.02.2013 - 25.03.2020)

Kiearah (22.04.2017)

When you look into Kiearah’s eyes, you can instantly tell who her mum is. The same cheeky look- What can I do next?
And the same temperament! We didn’t think you could outdo Power Dog Sara, but then Kiearah came along! It’s impossible to tire her out! Sleep? What’s that?
And she can always find someone to play with, even if it’s out resident oldster, Lady. Kiearah always manages to animate Lady even if she would rather be sleeping.
Her bubbly temperament can sometimes be quite a handful.
Volker’s opinion: She is a very happy dog!

Cause of death: kidney failure

Labhaoise of Lough Ree
(30.07.2014 - 10.10.2019)

Labhaoise (09.07.2017)

Labhaoise has inherited a lot from her father, not only the colour of the coat, but also the character. She is simply sweet-natured. And just like her father she lies in the meadow - independent of the weather - and looks around herself.
She's got ond bad habit though: she burrows huge craters with pleasure. With her nose she excavates the mouse holes. Afterwards her whole head fits into the holes. When she enters the house happy and content and we see her dirty nose and want to start grumbling, she looks so innocent that we just have to laugh.

Cause of death: liver tumour

Laoighaire of Lough Ree
(DOB 30.07.2014)

Laoighaire (30.08.2016)

Laoighaire is not a very large dog. But because he has very well-balanced proportions we don't care.

Regarding affectionateness he can't deny his mother. He is a big cuddler. He cannot get enough hugs. As soon as he "captures" one of us, he approaches. He urns around in such a way that you cannot escape. At a pinch he sits down on our feets so that we cannot move away from him.

From time to time he plays the macho. Because the bitches don't take him seriously he gives up very soon.

He is good company with our two older males, a fact that makes us very happy.

We are very happy to own such a well-balanced and friendly dog.

Meadghbh of Lough Ree
(01.02.2015 - 15.08.2023)


Actually Meadghbh is a very kind and devoted dog - with just one whim, that reduces us to despair sometimes. She lies in the doors of the office or the bathroom exactly at that moment when we want to enter or leave the room. When the doors opens she falls into the room. And she stays there and moves not an inch. Then we have to talk a very serious word to her, so that she gets up and we can close the door.

But she also loves to play, especially with Kiearah.

Cause of death: tumour

Odharnait of Lough Ree
(DOB 01.06.2016)

851_0973 (Odharnait)

Volker calls her "Stöpselchen" - I haven't a clue why. Anyway, she knows this name and I assume that she does not know her real name. She is a playful, but very vivacious dog. But she is very pig-headed. What she does not want, she does not do. There is no way to convince her. Well, that's an heritage from her grandmother Sara.

We were very proud of her, when she won "best bitch" during her first show. She was just 15 months old and started in the youth class. The reason for this soccess is her fabulous movement.

Quiana of Lough Ree
(07.11.2017 - 03.06.2023)


When you watch Quiana's behaviour, then you know: this has to be a girl. During her childhood she was a sly old dog. We stopped counting how many couches and matresses she destroyed. Not to mention the cupboard: it had a top crown - with the emphasis on the word "had". Whenever you caught her in one of her infamous actions, she looked so innocent that you turned self-doubted.

In the meantime all this stopped. Nowadays she is a lovely, soft, and very cuddly dog; however with the typical Irish pighead.

Cause of death: long-term effects of a myocarditis

Queran of Lough Ree
(DOB 07.11.2017)

Queran (852_1236)

I assume that Queran incorporates the callousness and stubbornness of all generations before him.

He stays where he stands. Pushing and pressing are useless. He stays standing as firm as a rock.
And where he lays there he lays: in the middle of your way. It is useless to call him. He seems to be hard of hearing. Therefore you have to push or pull him. Even during this he does not move an inch. Sometimes you become desperated with this.

Nevertheless he has got a lot of temperament. You can see this when he starts playing with his sister Quiana or with Rhona. We are very happy that he behaves so well with our old males. Queran is very careful with Gordon; he knows that Gordon is weak on his paws. And he accepts Laoighaire as his boss. Sometime Laoighaire tries to point out this fact, but Queran stays absolutely cool: ok, I know, you are the boss.

Rhona of Lough Ree
(DOB 05.02.2018)


Rhona is the spitting image of her mother when she was young: slim, very elegant and with gorgeous movements. And she is very self-assured! She loves playing with Scothnait, very noisy with a lot of barking and growling. Neither is giving anything away. Sometimes it sounds really dangerous, but their playing is absolutely harmless. We didn't show Rhona very often. But when we did, the judges always pointed out her movement. We are very proud of the judgements she's got.

Scothnait of Lough Ree
(DOB 19.11.2018)


Scothnait is as obtrusive as her mother Meadghbh. She always seems to think: who's the first to be petted? That's me, of course! Then you have to reprimand her, which she accepts. Apart from this she is a very nice dog, with a lot of temperament though.

Tamena of Lough Ree
(DOB 30.05.2019)

852_3676 Tamena

I had to keep Tamena. She is the spitting image of her great grandmother Sara, and not only her look: she's got even the white left paw. And she's got the cocky look and the effervescence as well. Mostly our old Meadghbh has to "suffer" from it. Tamena pulls her beard and bites her tail, and Meadghbh puts up with it. Tamena is the only one allowed do so. When both of them sart playing to have to have to seek shelter.

Sometimes such a temperament bundle can be very stressful. But this we already knew from Sara.

Tuathfhlaith of Lough Ree
(DOB 30.05.2019)

852_3723 Tuathfhlaith

Volker wanted to keep Tuathfhlaith. She strongly resembles her grandmother Inghean.

Her eyes! They are exactly the same as Inghean's. Concerning the temperament she is the opposite of her sister Tamena: calm, well-adjusted, never jumping the queue. She is a little cuddler, very clingy, and always in need of affection.