It was that time again. This year we organised the litter event on 06/06/2010.
Unfortunately not everybody could make it, just because the travelling was a bit too much for some.
Everybody else had a lot of fun though. There was chitter chatter, talking shop, and a whole lot of laughter.
The most fun however, was had by the ‘babies’. They took advantage of being able to play on the huge meadow.
It was great how everything managed to go so smoothly and without stress.

Thank you to all the G-Litter Owners who took the time to come out!
We hope you had just as much fun as we did.

DSC_6562.JPGDSC_6565.JPGDSC_6571.JPGDSC_6584.JPGDSC_6592.JPGDSC_6598.JPGDSC_6604.JPGDSC_6612.JPGDSC_6623.JPGDSC_6640.JPGDSC_6652.JPGDSC_6687.JPGDSC_6692.JPGGordon, Zoltan, Gormán